KoyoSpin Wholesale Division

Welcome to the wholesale division of KoyoSpin.  Demand for our high quality hand spinners has never been higher and we are looking to add a few quality retail partners.  We can offer a deep discount from our normal individual sale price that we sell directly to consumers.     

The fidget spinner community is only gaining more and more momentum.  Check out What USA Today had to say about it.

As it states in the article, there is quite the range as far as quality goes.  While many spinners are are cheaply 3D printed with low quality plastics and bearings, KoyoSpin spinners are not.  We use only ABS plastic and high quality injection molding to form our spinners.  We then use the best hybrid ceramic ball bearings rather than traditional steel bearings for our center bearing, offering the longest smoothest spins out there.  We also make our caps slightly concave which makes it much easier to hold and balance.


We offer the original KoyoSpin in four colors currently.






The fidget spinner market is here to stay and spinners are popping up in stores all over the place.  We not only offer the highest quality product out there today, but we offer the KoyoSpin brand.  KoyoSpin is recognized by adults and kids alike as the premier name in hand spinners and will help move the most possible product for our retail partners.


Contact us for tiered pricing on bulk orders at  koyospin@gmail.com