How to Use your KoyoSpin Fidget Spinner

More often than not, when someone first gets a fidget spinner in their hands they have no idea what to do with it. Their brain simply cannot comprehend how to have fun with this thing. They know that it looks really cool and that it’s meant to be spun in some way but they usually always ask “How do I do this?” Well have no fear, I am here to help you “do this”!
First of all, there is no wrong way to spin a fidget spinner. There are easier and more graceful looking ways, but as long as it’s satisfying to you, forget how everyone else does it. The methods I teach you here are what I have discovered from playing with my Koyospin over the last couple months. They are how I am satisfied. Please, do you own discovering and experimenting and comment below if you find something new!
One thing I should probably not upfront, is that I have rather large hands with long fingers. Some of the spinning techniques I teach you here may not even be possible for you and your particular set of hands. Improvise, adapt, and just be creative!
The Underflick

FIDGET SPINNER, hand spinner, koyospin

fidget spinner, hand spinner, koyospin

This is how I play with the spinner 90% of the time. Its how I get the best spin with one hand. It starts by holding the spinner with your thumb and index finger. You then use your middle finger to flick the spinner from the bottom. This will lead to a spin that should last about a minute. For continuous spins, use your middle finger to slow and stop the spinner and repeat from there. An advance maneuver is to “cock” the spinner. I do this by pulling back on the spinner with my middle finger to get the middle finger bent back as far as I can get it, so that I get the most powerful flick possible. You should be flicking with the cuticle of your middle finger, right there in that little groove at the top of your nail.
The Index Flicker

fidget spinner, hand spinner, koyospin

fidget spinner, hand spinner, koyospin

This is the one, most people attempt when they get handed a fidget spinner for the first time. They hold the spinner with their thumb and middle finger and use the index finger to do the flicking. This is a great way to get some lazy spins. Its less intense then the underflick and allows for more back and forth spinning. Use the index finger to spin the spinner forward and backward. Again, it helps to have longer fingers to really take advantage of this hand positioning.
The Two-handed
You want some serious spins!? Then you came to the right place. This is the best way I know of (without using an air compressor) to get the fastest/longest spins. Hold the spinner with your non-dominant hand and use your index finger of your dominant hand to flick the spinner downward as hard as you can. You are probably going to want to get a little crazy at first so you will probably drop it. Don’t! Start a little slow and work your way up to it. You need to know how much pressure to squeeze your koyospin with, in order for it to not go smashing to the floor. After you have successfully given it a good amount of force, you have options. You can just let it spin and time it, or you can wiggle the spinner and feel the gyro force, or you can put the spinner up to someone’s ear lobe and give them a sensation they won’t soon forget.
The One Finger

fidget spinner, hand spinner, koyospin
This is a step two to any of the spins above. After you have your Koyospin spinning simply turn it so it is flat and then slowly take the pressure off of the top finger. It may take some practice but you will soon be able to balance the spinner on one finger. You can use any finger
The Outer Limits

fidget spinner, hand spinner, koyospin
Now I know what you are thinking, “what about these three outer bearings!?” Well, they can be used as well.  Pinch one out bearing between your thumb and index finger and swing the whole spinner.  If you hand is big enough you will be able to to spin the spinner continuously.  If not, it will hit the top of your hand and then you can swing it around to the bottom of your hand and back and forth.
I hope that helps! Basically just play around with it and be creative. Pretty soon you will be doing tricks! That will be in a future post!

  • Bill Donahan on

    This is awesome! I’ve been wondering how to use these fidget spinners, and I didn’t even think about some of these techniques! I’ll definitely be trying these with my kids tonight!

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